500 Hundred Rummy

500 Hundred Rummy

500 Rummy is card game that is played with one full deck plus two jokers to two full decks plus four jokers. It depends on how many players are in the game from two to eight players. With five or more players the decks are doubled as well as the jokers. The game has different versions and is commonly played in homes and clubs. Many homes are the greatest fans of the this version of rummy.

The game is played until one player has 500 points and then it is over. There is a similarity between Gin Rummy and 500 Hundred Rummy in that the melds are pretty much the same and are built in the same way. The melds may have differences in value in one game versus another. The rules for this game depend on what version of the game is in play. Each version may have small differences or great differences. Which version is in play depends usually on where the game is being played. Also popularity of the version may enter into which one is used and then played by the players.

This game has a following of players that like the fact that more than two players can be playing at the same time. This opens the game up for a family of players or members of a club. These groups are likely to have more than two players that want to play at the same time. Due to the fact that up to eight players can play this game at the same time, the game lends itself to group play and is not limited like Gin Rummy to two players.

For those that wish to read up on the current rules for playing 500 Hundred Rummy, the Internet has a number of sites that publish the standards rules for the game. Which site is read will determine the validity of the rules for the living area that the player is likely to play in.

Like many of the games for rummy, the rules are affected by the country the game is being played in and not by other factors. Reading the rules for your country will help the player stay in tune with what is being allowed currently in the game. It is important players recognize that which rules are in affect and which rules will be used for the game that they elect to play.

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