Canasta Game

Canasta Game

Canasta is a game much like the standard rummy games except it is played with two decks and four jokers. The game is all about melds and the value of the cards in the meld. There are different versions of the game depending on the country the game was from originally. The two most popular versions are the American version and the Classic version. The Classic version is played all over the world and the American version is played primarily in the USA.

The Classic version has tighter rules on the discard pile than the American version. It is also played in more countries than the American version. In most books of games this version of Canasta is the presented version.

The American version was not played in most countries except in the USA. In 1940 the Classic version was standardized for play all over the world. In 1950 Canasta became the card game of choice and was played to such an extent that for a time it looked like it would
replace contract bridge in the home or clubs.

On the Internet under Canasta rules, the way the game is played is displayed and the value of the melds is listed in a long list of values for both versions. The name Canasta is part of the game as a meld with seven elements is a Canasta. A team of two players must have a canasta in order to go out and end the game. Each team in the four handed version of the game is made up of two players. One member of the team displays the melds as they are laid down during play. The first team to have a Canasta and play all of the cards in their hand wins the game and each player gets credit for their melds or is penalized if they cannot play their melds.

Since 1950 the fad for canasta has died down and is nowhere as popular as it once was for a game in the home. TV, the radio and other activities have replaced the family game playing as well as some of the newer board games like Trivia or other games. Many families still like to play games, but this one has lost a great deal of its following. It is like many other fads that take off in the USA and then slowly fade away to a glimmer of what the fad once was all about.

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