Gin Rummy Games Pt 1

Gin Rummy Games Pt 1

Gin Rummy has been and is a terrific two player card game that is traditionally played for money. The game uses a standard deck of 52 cards and is played to end up using the dealt hand up in melds. The player that can use all of their cards, receives the point count of the unplayable cards in the other player’s hand. If the play includes gin, the playing of all the cards and no number of unplayable cards, the gin player gets a bonus. If the game being played is a three game race, the player gets the points added to every game if they previously had scored for all three games. Each time the player scores from the first score, the new scores are added to succeeding games. After three scores each new score is added to all games until that game is closed.

Any game that is closed before one player scores makes the game more valuable to the winning player. In most cases the points are doubled. If the player wins all three games before the other player scores the total points are doubled again.

Of course a game can be played one at a time with no added features, but Gin Rummy can be played many ways as long as the two opponents agree on the rules. One rule that is open to agreement is the spade rule,which is the rule that doubles any score that follows immediately after the first turn card is exposed. If it is a spade any score that follows next is doubled.

Most big money games in men’s clubs are of the three games at a time type. Double on spades is also common. Skunking an opponent is commonly cause for doubling the point count. Skunking means that one player wins a game before the other has any score. The point total to win may be 150 or 200 points for the single game.

Gin Rummy is a fast paced game that expert players can play very fast as they know what to do on any discard or on any card throw away. Knowing what to do in most situations is the sign of an experienced player and a player with a good memory about the discards and pickups of the opponent. Using the discards to figure out what cards the other player is holding is what makes a good player an expert.

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