Gin Rummy Games Pt 2

Gin Rummy Games Pt 2

Expert Gin Rummy players are skilled at the game from hours of play and an excellent memory of the other players discards. Using the discards and the pickups from the discard pile are excellent clues as what cards the other player is actually holding and drawing too. The strategy that the game entails is not hards to see and learn, but some players are quicker to imagine the cards their opponent holds. This is an important area for a player that wishes to learn how to be a higher percentage player and have a better chance at winning the game.

Strategies to win have to do with which cards to discard first as some cards are more likely to be hot cards and cards that may help your opponents hand. Cards that are at the lower or higher end of the card values are more likely to be safe discards in the long run as they are less likely to help the hand of an opponent. Once an area of cards seems to be safer, the player should consider further discards in this area if the player is holding cards of those suits or values.

Some times a card that adds to a meld are not that injurious to the player that gives up such a card. A lay down hand usually has one four card meld, and two three card melds. If a player is playing Knock Gin Rummy, the cards that are not part of a meld are used to determine the Knock value. The player that is Knocking is only going to win if the Knock value is lower than the opponents unplayable cards. Some times if a player can knock early in a hand, they can catch the opponent with a number of high value unplayable cards. This can be a devastating play if played early in the hand.

Knock Gin Rummy is played by most race hand players that are playing three games at a time. Many use this ploy to get the first two games open so the next score goes to all three games. By doing this the player makes sure they do not get snidered in any game. This is one of the first principals of playing three game Gin Rummy. Prevent extra bonus money from being lost due to not scoring in a game by knocking early. Once all of the games are covered this no longer is a concern.

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