History of Rummy Pt 2

History of Rummy Pt 2

There are few two handed games that are as fun to play and have the money following the belongs to Gin rummy. However the game came to North America, many gamblers do not care, but they appreciate the skill and cunning the game fosters as well as the money that can be won.

The two most popular versions of Rummy are 500 Rummy and Gin Rummy. Both games have a loyal following and are played in homes, clubs, aboard cruise liners and on commuter trains. 500 rummy is popular as more than two players can play at the same time. Although there are versions of Gin Rummy that allow more than
two players, but they are not that popular.

500 rummy is a 13 card per hand game that is played by melding suited runs and like cards in card counts of three or more natural cards or with wild cards. The first person to meld all of their cards is the winner of that hand and is awarded the unplayable card points that the other players are caught with. They may also get bonus points for harder melds that are part of their lay down. Once a player has accumulated 500 points, the game is over.

Gin Rummy has more players that still play the game than any other form of Rummy. This is basically for two reasons, the game only takes two players and the game takes skill and is a good gambling game with variable stakes. Adding the enhancements to the game like three games at a time, double on spades, double the point count on any game where one player does not score before the other player goes out and the enhanced score if the one player does not score at all before all three games are over. All of these enhancements are designed to allow the winner to gain more points and more winnings if the game is being played for money.

Any player that has played a great deal of Gin Rummy has come to the conclusion that the game is all about discards and catching the other player with unplayable cards when knocking or Ginning. Knowing which cards to discard first and which are hot comes with playing experience and knowledge of the way that most players play the game. So along with skill and cunning, the experienced player can have an edge over the player with little time playing.

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