Learn to Play Rummy Pt 1

Learn to Play Rummy Pt 1

The best of the rummy games are two to four handed and great fun to play. The deck used depends on the game and the number of players. Some decks are loaded with wild jokers up to four of them. The most popular rummy games are Gin, 500 Rummy, Oklahoma and the Kalookie versions Gin Rummy also is played with different rules around the world and two players should settle on the rules they are playing before they start play. Actually this may be true of most rummy games as in various countries the rules get changed a little to accommodate the way the players of that country want to play the game at hand. Start with Gin Rummy, you can play the game one game at a time or three games at a time.

The first exposed discard card, if a spade doubles any score in that hand. A game in which the other player does not score has the total earned in the game doubled. It the game is three games at a time, the skunk across the board is doubled again. If each game ends when a player scores 200 points, these doubling features can add dramatically to the total points scored in the game and can add up when playing for a penny to a nickel a point.

The features of the this game are all about how much the players wish to gamble at a time. Setting the way the game is played is what players do before the first deal. Basically Gin Rummy is a very simple game in that each player is just trying to meld out all of their hand. The first to do so on each dealt hand or when one player announces they are going to knock, the hand is over and the players with the biggest unplayable card count loses the points in the hand minus any knock point or plus a spiff for a Gin. When one of the players scores 200 points say that game is over and the other games are completed and the player with the plus point count wins the points in real money.

Most other rummy games follow this path to winning or losing. The differences are the number of cards dealt to each player, the number of players in the game and the bonus points for a skunk or a Snyder.

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