Learn to Play Rummy Pt 3

Learn to Play Rummy Pt 3

Kalookie 51 or Kalookie 40 are versions that are very popular outside the USA and are played as much in some countries as Gin Rummy or 500 Rummy. The reason is both are fun to play and can handle two or more players.

The melding in both games is very similar to the other two that were mentioned first, Gin Rummy and 500 Rummy. Players in the Kalookie 51 or the Kalookie 40 game are dealt 13 cards to start the game. Each card in the deck has a value of its own that is a plus when melded and a minus when unplayable. Players that play all of the cards are rewarded for the play and the game ends when the point count for the game is reached Most games in this area are played for fun or for small stakes.

A family game like this is worth playing for fun, family outing or togetherness or for a fun for b being with friends. The game can be played for money or not, just depends on if the players need to added incentive to win.

Other rummy games are all about playing for money and the rules are set up to make a maximum amount from a win. Kalookie games are for both, but mainly for fun for the players that play. The game is about strategy and playing to win first and foremost.

All of these rummy games can be played online as sites that show up in any search for sties to play rummy on Also many of the sites offer tournaments with real prizes for winning. Tournaments are about skill and playing to win the first prize for the tournament.

The rules to either Kalookie game are easy to learn and the scoring is listed on many websites. Basically the cards in the melds have a specific value that lets a player add to their score when melded. There are special amounts for the royal flush cards when played in a sequence. The card values start low with low number cards and go up as the number on the card increases up to face cards.

Players that wish to learn more about any rummy game can get full details on many sites on the Internet. Just enter the game name and the search engine will find sites that have all of the rules for a specific game.

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