Other Rummy Games Pt 2

Other Rummy Games Pt 2

Vazhushal or Wipe is a version of rummy played in southern India and the major difference to India Rummy is the discard pile can be picked at for more than one card at a time. Two to six players can be in the game at the same time and the decks and the jokers used depend on the number of players. As with the other games, each player is dealt 13 cards and the melds are very much the same in this game as they are in other games. The local differences are minor subtle changes and not game changing in the long run. Many of these differences came about to make the players like their version better than what had been the standard.

Proter is the version of rummy that is played in Sri Lanka. The game has 13 deals with a different wild card with each deal. At the end of the 13 deals one player will have a better outcome than the other possible players. Most of the other rules in the game are similar to many of the other rummy games.

Loba de Menos is a rummy game that is the version played in Argentina. The game allows
two to five players to play at a time. The melding and going out are similar to the other versions of rummy. The points earned from the other players when a player goes out usually are equivalent to sums of money on a value per point. Most rummy games are played for money at so much a point. It does not matter where the game is from, rummy is a money game that allows two or more players to gamble on the outcome of the game.

Umtali is another rummy version from Rhodesia and is said to originate from a game played by commuters that passed through a town called Umtali that was on the commuter line. The game has a town name, but the rules for it are similar to other rummy games. Two players can play at the same time in the game. Not all versions of rummy are different in meaningful ways. These different versions from many countries are not that different when investigated.
It is hard to get away to far from the beginning versions that captured card players all over the world. Small but improving game changes make some versions even more fun to play.

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