Tile Games that are Similar to Rummy

Tile Games that are Similar to Rummy

There are many oriental games that use tiles instead of cards. these include Mah Jong, Pai Gow and several widely played games in China. Many of these games can be easily converted to card games as the rules can be set to use cards and not tiles. The reason for this is the play includes melding of like tiles or cards and suited runs of cards or tiles. For this reason many of the tile games have been converted to card games as the tiles are difficult to carry around and the cards are very easy to bring with you.

The one tile game that has not been converted so far is Dominoes. This terrific tile game would be very hard to convert as it has so many plays that have nothing to do with melding.
Many of the Chinese games are so similar to the card games, it was just a matter of the tiles were in use first and not any other factor. Many players like the feel of the tiles and actually prefer playing the games with tiles and not cards.

For those players from other parts of the world, the differences are minor in some cases and very different in other games. Cards in some cases are the best way to play the game and tiles are a nuisance. In other games the tiles add to the ambiance of the game and make it kind of special to play this way. Many casinos offer Pai Gow in both ways for this reason.

Mah Jong has been around officially since about 1880 and became popular out side of China after 1920. The game is a beautiful tile game with 144 tiles that have been hand painted with the appropriate images such as dragons, flowers and seasons. Each set of images has a set number of tiles from 36 tiles to 4 tiles with the season images. The game is all about collecting sets of like tiles.

China has been a source of tile games since 1190 AD. There are numerous games that started in that era.

For those that like the feel of tiles, then the version of the game that you like that offers this facet is for you. For those that would rather have a game with cards, there are versions that use cards to play the game.

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