Traditional Rummy and Okey

Traditional Rummy and Okey

Okey Rummy is also known as Turkish Rummy. The game is very similar to most other common Rummy games except it can be played with tiles or cards. Each player is dealt 14 cards out of 106 cards or 14 tiles. This is one of the major differences between this game and all of the others. Many of the games other than Gin started out as tile games and then were converted to card games. This seems to be the case with Okey or Turkish Rummy. Players that like a slight difference may find this game to their liking or maybe the Traditional Rummy.

Playing any form of Rummy that is now available, players would find that many of the Rummy games are so much alike the only difference is the name they use. Some games only have a name difference since they are played in a country other than a US or a European country and that is what the game is called in that country. So in the scheme of Rummy games there are not really that many different games of Rummy. The small changes like point count or the number of tiles or cards dealt does not really change the game that much. The melding and the way the game is ended is where any major changes will show. If these are the same as other games then the name may be the only real change in the game from others.

There are other rummy games that are very different than these and have very wide differences between them and any other form of rummy. While other games are very similar in the way they are played when compared to rummy, not all are as similar as Okey the Turkish Rummy.

For this reason it is very easy to switch from one Rummy game to another. Players that are familiar with one game can switch to another with little study or the need to learn a great many new rules. The rules stay the same from one game to another. This is one of the reasons that rummy can be played in so many versions of the game by most players. The rules for many parts of the game are transferable to another game. This makes most rummy games very easy to move to and not have to spend time learning another set of rules for play.

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