Why Gin Rummy

Why Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is a terrific two handed gambling game that is played all over the world by friends and strangers. The basic Gin Rummy game for gambling is usually played with three games going on at once. When opponent A scores they get points in the first game. The next two scores and all after that are added to all three games until they are completed. If the game is over at 150 or 200 points, the scoring for that games is complete when that number is reached by either party.

Top Gin Rummy players are very likely to win a high percentage of the games they play as they just are better at the game than most opponents. The late Stu Ungar was so good at the game that when he entered tournaments in Las Vegas, other opponents would not sign up and pay to play in the tournaments. The reason was he won to many of them before the casinos stopped having these tournaments. When a tournament is not well attended, the reason for having the tournament is defeated as it is usually set up to draw players to the casino.

Private Gin Rummy games have been a money scheme for gamblers of all levels of skill. Business men played the game for a penny a point at their club, or at their home on the weekends. Money changed hands at a good clip with one player usually collecting as they were better at the game than their opposition. Traveling salesmen like my Father made a good side income at night playing with other salesmen they met on the road. Vacationers in Florida meet smooth talking gamblers that knew the game and won the money no matter how good the visitor was at playing. This game next to poker was the favorite gaming vehicle for players that could win most of the time when they played. It was far easier to get up a game as there was only the need to get another player that was willing to play for money.

Gin Rummy is akin to chess in that good players win more often then pure luck would suggest they should. They seem to have a sixth sense about what cards are dangerous discards and what cards they can throw away with impunity. This is the key to winning at Gin Rummy. Watch two good players play and you will see the difference about discards.

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