Try Out Vegas 3 Card Rummy At Roxy Palace And Win

Try Out Vegas 3 Card Rummy At Roxy Palace And Win

Play Vegas 3 Card Rummy

The game of rummy is not a traditional casino table game, but there is a very popular Vegas 3 Card Rummy game that has been growing in popularity at the land based and online casinos for some time now. This game is played slightly different. You can still get three of a kind or runs in the same suite, but in this three card game pairs also count. The biggest difference is of course you only get 3 cards dealt to you and the dealer gets 3 as well.

Lowest Hand Count Equals Bigger Wins

The winner of this casino game is the player, either you or the dealer that has the lowest hand. This game is like the “golf” of rummy you want to have the lowest count on your hand to be successful. This fast paced card game is starting to rival the popularity of black jack in some online casinos and if you are looking for a new way to enjoy your old favorite, the Vegas 3 Card Rummy game is very fun new variation to check out.

Wide Selection of Games For Players

The Roxy Palace is a very cool casino and they are offering a huge selection of games to all their players. If you are a rummy fan then you are going to have to see the Vegas 3 Card Rummy but you will also want to take time to check out all the other amazing online casino games offered on the web site. You are sure to find hours of entertainment at Roxy, and the wins will keep you coming back.

Free Cash For New Players Who Register

The Roxy Palace even has some free cash for new players. When you get registered on this online casino you can take advantage of a big 100% cash match bonus on your deposit of $50 or $100. If you want to check out the hot rummy action here and also want to get some easy cash, this bonus will allow you to double your money the instant you make your deposit. This casino web site has a lot to offer rummy players and any casino fan alike. Enjoy your play and make sure to get your free cash at the Roxy Palace.

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