Play 3 Card Rummy With 1,500 Free Bets At Platinum Play Casino

Play 3 Card Rummy With 1,500 Free Bets At Platinum Play Casino

The Platinum Play Casino brings some huge casino cash prizes and big name games to all the rummy players on their site. They even have a special version of rummy for those players who are looking for a cool way to play their favorite game online for cash. The Vegas 3 Card rummy game has been around for some time and has been rising in popularity at many online casinos.

Special Offers And Bonuses At Platinum Play Casino

When you play at the Platinum Play Casino you will be able to take advantage of many different special offers and player bonuses. If you are ready to check out this new style of rummy and want to get some nice rewards for your online game time, you will really enjoy the Platinum Play Casino and all they have to offer. Be sure to check out their promotions page when you sign up to see everything you can gain by playing at Platinum Play Casino online.

Learn The Rules Of 3 Card Rummy

The 3 Card Rummy game is played differently than a regular game of rummy. You of course only get 3 cards and you are only playing against the dealer. Unlike regular rummy you are trying to get the worst hand possible. The player with the lowest ranking hand wins. It may seem contrary to play to get bad hands, but it can really pay off with big payouts and wins.

Up to 1,500 Free Bets At Platinum Play Casino

When you join the Platinum Play Casino you can make up to 1,500 free bets. This lets any casino player have plenty of chances to take a look at the games on this site before choosing to fund your account. You can spend these free cash bets on any game of your choosing. When you make your first deposit you will be given even more free bets to use and win real cash prizes.

Play Rummy For Real Cash Money At Platinum Play Casino

There are very few web sites that allow players to win real money when playing rummy. If you want to enjoy your favorite card game and win real cash while you play, this site is a great choice. There is nothing like winning real cash when you play and Platinum Play Casino understand this!

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