Gin Rummy Cash Tournaments Vegas Extravaganza

Gin Rummy Cash Tournaments Vegas Extravaganza

There are only a few web sites that are offering real rummy for money games. Most of the sites that say they are offering cash games of rummy are the online casino sites. These online casinos usually only offer a rummy game called Vegas 3 Card Rummy. This game very loosely resembles rummy, but most rummy players are looking for the real deal. The Gin Rummy Tournaments web site lists some of the biggest gin rummy tournaments that are open to players at various land based casinos.

Play Rummy Tournaments In Las Vegas This May

Most cash game fans don’t have to find an excuse to go to Las Vegas. However, if you have been looking for the ultimate rummy experience this is the town to go to in May 2011. There are a few different tournaments going on at Bally’s Casino from May 1 to May 4, so make sure to get your reservations early to join in on a big rummy gaming extravaganza. Even if you don’t sign up to play in the tournaments, watching the action and being around so many awesome rummy players can be a real thrill.

Gin Rummy Tournaments Web Site For More Fun

The Gin Rummy Tournaments web site is a good overall information resource for any card player who favors rummy – whether you play online or off with family and friends. You will find all sorts of news, photos and more on the Gin Rummy Tournaments web site. They list updated information about gin rummy tournaments and give news bits about the best rummy casinos in the country. You can even download the up and coming scheduled events in PDF format so you don’t have to keep checking back to find out when upcoming rummy events are that you may wish to attend in person.

Rummy Champions

You can also follow the leader boards and ratings of the best rummy players across the globe on the Gin Rummy Tournaments web site. The Gin Rummy Tournaments web site offers up to date statistics, rankings and rules for the rummy gaming community on this informative web site. So, if you want to learn more, this site can give you plenty of useful information and how to tips on rummy strategy. If you really love playing rummy at home, but are ready to start playing for cash, this site may earn itself a bookmark very soon.

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