How To Play Kalooki Rummy

How To Play Kalooki Rummy

Kalooki Rummy is a really fun game to learn to play. It is spelled many different ways. You may see it as the traditional Kalooki, or you may see this game spelled out as as Kaluki or Kalookie. The funny pronunciation is what has lead to the many different spellings and they have all made their way into popular use in rummy gaming culture.

Kalooki Rummy Basics

Kalooki (our preferred spelling) is a rummy game that has the distinction of using Jokers as wild cards. In the game of Kalooki your meld has to equal at least 51 before you can lay down the hand. In order to win in Kalooki you have two options. You can win this rummy game when you are the first player to empty your cards of hand all at once. This is called the Hunt. The other way to win Kalooki rummy is by slowly getting rid of your cards through melding and building. This form of win is called Going Out.

Setting Up A Game Of Kalooki

To start with each player in the game is dealt a total of 13 cards. The rest of the cards are put face down on the table with one card next to the pile. The large stack is the stock pile and the single card forms the discard rummy pile.

What Does A Kalooki Turn Look Like?

First you have to take one card from the stock pile or discard pile. Then you need to form a new set or run in your hand, or add the cards to an existing meld you have. The final step is to discard one step from your hand into the discard pile. That completes your turn unless you’ve reached the point where you have completed your melds and builds for Going Out, or can lay down all your cards for the Hunt. In either case you would win the game if you were the first player to do so.

How Jokers Factor Into The Game

The Joker can be used in this rummy game to complete any set or run as a substitute for any missing card. Jokers used in a meld take the point value of the card it is subbing for. However, 25 penalty points are taken if you have a Joker in your hand at the end of rummy game play.

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