More Tips For Playing Gin Rummy Online To Win The Game

More Tips For Playing Gin Rummy Online To Win The Game

Tuesday we shared some great tips for playing Gin Rummy online to win the game. Like those tips, the rummy tips we’re sharing today can help you with Gin Rummy strategy for games at online casinos and gaming venues. However, these Gin Rummy tips can also help you to play at home with friends and family as well. Read on to learn more tips for playing Gin Rummy to win the game.

Use The Most Useful Card – The 7

In Gin Rummy, the middle cards are the best cards. The absolute most useful card in Gin Rummy is the 7 – regardless of which suit the card is. The 7 card works in more combinations than any other card in the game, so play your 7’s. There’s a reason they are called “Lucky Sevens”. In case you’re wondering, the least useful cards in Gin Rummy are the Ace and the King – they just don’t have as many flexible playing options as the middle cards, and in particular the 7.

Don’t Wait Out An Inside Straight

When you’re trying to decide what to discard and what to keep in Gin Rummy – don’t sit on an inside straight. Let’s say you have a 4 and a 5 in your hand. This can easily be added to a 3 or a 6. However, if you have a 4 and a 6 in your hand you can only build with the middle card of a 5. That takes your odds of completing the inside straight down 50%, so you are better off not waiting to fill the inside straight in Gin Rummy.

Play Big Cards Early In Gin Rummy

When you’re playing Gin Rummy you want to throw your big cards out early. If you are fortunate enough to start our with at least four unmatched 10 point cards in your hand you want to be discarding them right away. This is whether or not you see them as potential combination cards. This is because you can lose points quickly if you have all those high value cards in your hand. Many players lose quickly when they disregard this rule. You should really only keep one high card triangle to start out with. If you haven’t filled the combination within six or seven draws, you should consider discarding the big card rather than fail.

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