Play Turkish Rummy For An Okey Good Time

Play Turkish Rummy For An Okey Good Time

Turkish Rummy is a fun twist on the classic game of rummy. This fun game originated in Turkey, as you may have guessed. However, it is very popular throughout all European countries. The game of Turkish Rummy is also gaining a large following in the United States. You may also hear Turkish Rummy called Okey (oh-key) by many players. This fun nickname evolved as the game spread throughout Europe.

Can I Play Turkish Rummy Online?

You can absolutely play Turkish Rummy online. Most of the time you will see it referenced as Okey because the name is distinct and more well known that the more traditional moniker of Turkish Rummy. One place where you can play Okey online is at Rummy Online. The website has a main page where players from around the world can join in on rummy games for some instant play action.

Download Turkish Rummy At Rummy Online

The website also lets you download this game to your desktop computer or laptop. That way you have access to fun rummy games all the time on your computer. So, you can play Okey whenever you feel like it either by accessing the software on your computer or using the online play station.

Learn How To Play With A Free Tutorial

If you don’t know how to play Okey, or Turkish Rummy, you can learn for free online. The free Okey tutorial for playing rummy from Rummy Online is easy to use and very simple to get started with. All you have to do is visit the website and click ‘Okay’ after reading a brief rules blurb about how to play the game.

Why Use The Tutorial

The free Rummy Online tutorial will help you learn how to play Turkish Rummy with the tiles and how the online games work and look. It will give you a sense of familiarity for when you go on to play against other rummy players online. Also, the free tutorial offers tips as you play to help you learn what better strategy choices are, or why you did a great job with the tiles you played. So, it can really help you learn to be a better Okey Rummy player in no time. We’re big fans of free online rummy games, and this tutorial is one of the best we’ve seen for Turkish Rummy.

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