Tournaments At Rummy Express

Tournaments At Rummy Express

Tournaments at Rummy Express are simple and easy to join. They are also fun to play and a big part of why new players end up at Rummy Express for online entertainment. Rummy Express is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can register for games as long as there is a seat available. With large tournament action there are plenty of seats to be had. There is a cost to buy in to Rummy Express tournaments, but this buy in is usually very reasonable, especially when you consider your potential wins. There are a variety of games to play, easily found by clicking on the Quick Rummy Card Games tab.

Game Play At Rummy Express

There is a full list of available tables for you to join that’s easy to see with the sweet navigational tools on the Rummy Express website. You can join in on one round, two round and three round game tables depending on the type of action you are looking for. Rummy games are played with two to four players, so whenever there are two or more players at a table the game automatically begins, so when you sit down at the table you could be the one who starts off the game. When one table fills, another one opens so there is always a game available at Rummy Express. Each table has a different buy-in, which will be deducted from your player account at the time when you register for the game. Only a small fee is needed to pay for the game, and is paid directly to Rummy Express from your account.

Fast Deal Determines Order Of Play

Each round begins with a fast deal to determine the order of play. Rummy Express will reassign seats for easier play so that everyone can have a good time. The highest card will play first. Penalty points are acquired based on the total value of cards remaining in a player’s hand at the end of each round. The round winner is the player who has the lowest amount of penalty points at the end of the final round.

Share The Prize!

The prize pool is comprised of all the players’ stakes, which all winners share! The winner receives 75% of the prize, with the remaining 25% split between remaining players. Players need to have less than 50 penalty points.

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