Cricket Has Mobile Rummy App For Your Cell Phone Download Rummy

Cricket Has Mobile Rummy App For Your Cell Phone Download Rummy

If you love Gin Rummy and you have a Cricket cell phone you’re in luck. Cricket has a download of Gin Rummy available in the My Cricket app store. Gin Rummy is the mobile version Cricket offers of the classic card game you know and love. This mobile application allows you to collect sets of rummy cards, knock and take down your opponents. You could walk away with the title of Master Gin Rummy Mobile Player in the Cricket world. It’s a really fun application, and anyone with a Cricket who loves Gin Rummy should certainly think about a download to your mobile device.

How To Buy The Cricket Gin Rummy Application For Your Mobile

First off, you need to get into your Cricket cell phone’s main menu. You’ll also have to login once you get there. Once there, you will need to select one of two choices depending on the version of Cricket mobile phone you have. Select either the Games & Apps icon or the Cricket Clicks icon to access the catalog and purchase your Gin Rummy mobile download application. From either Cricket Clicks or the Games 7 Apps icons you will be able to shop available Cricket Gin Rummy games and applications. You can also view and use previously downloaded applications, or your newly downloaded Gin Rummy application from that location on your Cricket Mobile device. So, it’s a good idea to be aware of this aspect of your Cricket mobile device if you are planning to be a frequent mobile gamer with applications like mobile Gin Rummy.

You Do Have to PrePay For Flex Bucket Services To Download

In order to download the Cricket Gin Rummy application for your mobile, you will have to have Flex Bucket enabled. This is a service that you have to prepay. You can do that by dialing *PAY (*729) on your mobile device. You can also call 1-800-CRICKETdirectly or you can log in to My Cricket online and pre-purchase Flex Bucket funds through the online service. This will allow you to visit the Cricket Store and access the catalog so that you can add games and applications like mobile Gin Rummy to your Cricket phone. Then, it’s just a matter of playing the fun Gin Rummy mobile application on your Cricket mobile device, whenever and wherever you want to get in a good game of Gin Rummy.

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