Five Things You Can Do To Stay Safe In Online Rummy Chat Rooms

Five Things You Can Do To Stay Safe In Online Rummy Chat Rooms

Tip #1: Create An Anonymous User Name

When you play in online rummy chat games you usually will be asked to create a user name that will show up in the chat forums. Do not use your real name. In fact, don’t use a nickname either. Instead create a totally unique moniker for yourself that represents you in the chat room but that would not be easily recognizable to someone who knows you.

Tip #2: Create A User Name With Numbers And Letters

The username that is a combination of numbers and letters is harder to pinpoint to specific person as long as you don’t use easily identifiable information. For example, don’t use Bernie1950 if your name is Bernie and you were born in 1950. If you are concerned about remembering your chat name, create something like B1E9R5N0 or another combination that does not easily spell out a name or a date that has significance to you.

Tip #3: Avoid Revealing Personal Family Information

Remember that your actions in online rummy chat games can have consequences for you as well as your family members. If you aren’t revealing your real name, you should not refer to them by theirs either. The less personal information you reveal, and the more you stay on topic with the rummy chat game, the more safe you and your family are in online entertainments.

Tip #4: Avoid Revealing Professional Employment Information

Just like you don’t want to talk about your family using personal details, you don’t want to reveal where you work as well. Especially if you are gambling online, you don’t want to talk about your job. Some offices actually have a staff person whose job is to track online activities of employees who mention their workplace. Keep yourself protected by keeping work a private issue online in public forums.

Tip #5: Report Any Suspicious Activity Or Lurking

If you notice a user id that is lurking and not posting in the rummy chat game, or someone is posting things that are making your uncomfortable report them to the chat moderator. Usually you can do this via instant message so you remain anonymous. It’s better to be safe than sorry and it is the rummy chat moderators job to keep the chat room safe and secure – so use that resource wisely.

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