Bonus Offers At Ace2Three

Bonus Offers At Ace2Three

Tuesday we told you about rummy tournaments at Ace2Three. Today we want to share information about bonus offers at this online gaming site. Read on to learn more.

Ace2Three Offers Great Bonuses For Rummy Players

Playing online rummy is a pastime that many card players will love as it gives them the feeling of playing the game at home with friends and family members. If you want to get some excellent bonus offers for playing the game you love you will want to join Ace2Three. So what are the various bonus offers that you can expect from this online gambling site?

Get Free Chips With Wagers As A Cool Welcome Bonus

Welcome100 is a great offer which will give you 100 chips for every 500 chips you wager. This is up to a limit of 500 so if you have bought 2000 chips you will receive 500 chips. As you can see this is an excellent way of increasing the number of chips that you have to play with. Free chips are one of the ways that rummy games can equal free casino money and play. They’re the latest in online promotional opportunities for gamers.

Make Sure To Use This Code To Claim Your Rummy Bonus

If you want to take advantage of this offer you will need to use the code WELCOME100 when you buy your chips. Do this and you will be sure to collect the chips that are owing to you. You might want to think about when you use this offer so that you can get as many free chips as possible. This is the kind of offer that you will not find in a regular casino so you should make full use of it while you are playing online.

Refer Your Friends To Play Rummy For Even More Bonus Action

Another really excellent bonus is the refer a friend bonus. To use this you will need to log into your account and send messages to all of your friends that you think would like to play online rummy. In these messages there will be a link to Ace2Three for them to sign up with. If they use this link and sign up and become a Premium member you will get cash into your account. It really is that easy to get cash for free for simply referring friends to this thrilling site.

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