Excalibur Hand Held Rummy Game Learn As You Go With This Fun Game

Excalibur Hand Held Rummy Game Learn As You Go With This Fun Game

If you haven’t heard of the Excalibur hand held rummy game – listen up! It’s an investment that you may want to make in yourself, particularly if you are a Gin Rummy fan. For less than $20 at most retailers, you can get the Excalibur hand held rummy game and be on your way to fun gaming and a unique learning experience that fits in the palm of your hand.

Portable Device Creates Gaming On The Go

Using this portable device can help to give you a feel of how mobile gaming would work on your cell phone or other smart phone, iPad or mobile device. The screen size is small, but similar to that of many cell phone systems. The entire game is 1.5 inches x 5.2 inches x 7.9 inches, so more like a cell phone than a tablet mobile device. In fact, the entire Excalibur hand held rummy game only weighs in at 6.4 ounces. So, it is very lightweight and can easily slip into a pocket, purse, or backpack for gaming on the go, and an alternative to mobile casinos if you really just love Gin Rummy.

Batteries Are Required

The one downside to this Gin Rummy action packed game is that it does require batteries which are not included with purchase. There is no adapter option from Excalibur for this portable rummy game, which would have been nice. As a result, you will have to make sure that you have spare batteries, or have 3 triple A alkaline batteries charged and in the game when you travel. Fortunately, AAA batteries are prettysmall so won’t take up space even if you do need spares for a long road trip or excursion. You can just tuck them in a corner of your pocket or suitcase. We have found that the Excalibur hand held Gin Rummy game gets days of game play without any problem or need of new batteries, even if you are playing 24/7. The actual game itself takes about 15 minutes of playing time.

From Handheld To Online Gaming Play

The Gin Rummy portable gaming device is a great way to use your spare time learn rummy strategy and how the game of Gin Rummy is played out in digital format. Since it’s the month for it – we also want to remind you that the Excalibur hand held rummy game makes a nice gift for dad’s and grandpa’s too.

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