How To Play Bing Rummy

How To Play Bing Rummy

Classic rummy, Kalooki and Oklahoma are well known rummy games. Lesser known are Turkish Rummy, Indian Rummy and Bing Rummy. Read on to learn more about Bing Rummy.

Learn About Bing Rummy – A New Favorite Online

Bing rummy is a variation of the Kalooki rummy game and is available to play that the EUcasino. This game can have 2 to 8 players and uses two standard 52 card decks with the jokers removed. Deuces are also wild in Bing rummy. The game beings with each player betting in for the accepted amount of cash which is usually around 25 cents. Once the cards have been shuffled the player on the dealer’s right will cut for a deuce.

How Many Cards Do You Play Bing Rummy With?

Each player in a Bing rummy game receives a total of 14 cards at the beginning of the game. The rest of the cards are placed in the draw pile and the top card is turned over to being the discard pile. The player to the dealer’s left is the first player to start and they must draw from the pile and then discard one of their cards.

How Do You Form Bing Rummy Melds?

In this online rummy game melds are used and a meld will contain three or more cards of the same number for example: three 8’s. A run is also allowed and this is three or more cards of the same suit. Deuces are wild in this game. When a player makes their first meld they must have a minimum of three sets and they can place other cards onto their melds at a later stage during the game. When a player has created melds with all their 14 cards the points are calculated and the winner is identified.

Skill Based Strategy Can Be Learned With Practice

Bing rummy is like all other rummy games in that it is skill based and there is a learning curve. Players should always practice their skills playing free practice games before playing for real cash prizes. There are some excellent online rummy websites and most of these will allow players to play for free and they will also have detailed tutorials on how their online rummy games are played. If you enjoy playing rummy for fun why not try online rummy games where you can win real cash prizes.

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