Important Rummy Terminology

Important Rummy Terminology

When it comes to playing online rummy one thing you really need to be aware of is the different terminology that is used. Below is a list of rummy terminology and what they mean.

Aces High – Aces are high cards and have a value of 11 points.

Aces Low – is where aces are low cards and have a value of 1 point.

Buy in – this is the cost to enter the game

Deadwood – this is the unmatched cards in your hand after the round or game has finished.

Deadwood count – the deductive point value of your deadwood.

Discard – this is the card thrown in the discard pile to end your turn.

Discard pile – this is the pile of cards that are discarded by players finishing their turn.

Draw – this is where you take a card from the stock or the discard pile at the beginning of your turn.

Face cards – these are cards with a face, Jack, Queen or King.

Hand – this is the cards you are dealt.

Initial meld – this is the first meld made by a player.

Knock – this is most commonly found in gin rummy and is when a player taps the table to announce the end of a round.

Knocking count – this is the maximum amount of deadwood a player can have if they want to knock.

Lay off – this is a gin rummy term and refers to a player expanding on melds of the knocker using their deadwood cards.

Meld – this are matching cards that are layed down on the table.

Penalty points – these are points that are deducted from a losing player’s score for deadwood.

Prize Pool – this is the amount of funds that will be distributed in a rummy tournament.

Run – this is a set of consecutive cards of the same suit which can be 3 to 13 cards in total.

Set – this is a meld of cards of the same numerical value in different suits.

Suit – these are clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds.

Stock – this is the rest of the deck of cards placed face down after the initial cards for the game have been dealt and after the discard card has been turned up.

Target Score – this is the amount of points required to win the game.

– this is where a player will have a deadwood count that is a lower value than the player who knocked.

Wild card – this is where the joker can be used as any card.

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