Mobile Beamable Gin Rummy

Mobile Beamable Gin Rummy

If you are a fan of Gin Rummy and you want a way to practice and enhance your skills on the move then mobile Beamable Gin Rummy could be the solution for you. Beamable Gin Rummy is a great addition for any online rummy player who wants to practice their skills against a friend using their PDA or mobile phone.

How Does Mobile Beamable Gin Rummy Work?

Mobile Beamable Gin rummy works using the infrared port and is great for players who want to play on the go. This is a multiplayer Gin Rummy game only so you will need a friend to play against. With this Gin Rummy game you will actually beam your moves to another device or you can play on a single device either.

Compatible Devices For Mobile Beamable Gin Rummy

Mobile Beamable Gin Rummy is compatible with the Palm OS and Pocket PC and you can also use it with some Nokia mobile phones too. The Nokia series 40 and series 60 are compatible phones with the Beamable Gin rummy Game. Plans are rumoured to be in the works for this game to be compatible with additional mobile devices. You should check directly with them before you download to make sure your device is compatible if it is not listed on the download page.

Why You Want A Color Screen With This Game

It is important that you have a colour screen to make full use of this game. You can still see the graphics is a basic black and white or greyscale resolution, but color definitely adds to your game play experience. The game is available at just $4.95 and it is a great way for online rummy players to practice and enhance their skills any time they want without the use of a computer.

You Can Purchase The Full Game For Under $5.00

If you are a fan of online rummy games then you know that these are skill based games and the only way to really win big money in these online rummy games is to practice. With Beamable Gin Rummy you can practice against an opponent any time you want no matter where you are and this is a great way to enhance your gaming skills before competing online for real cash prizes and at only $4.95 it really is a must have for all online rummy players.

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