How To Play Shanghai Rummy

How To Play Shanghai Rummy

Shanghai Rummy is another variation of the rummy card game. This variation can be played with 3 to 5 players. The game is similar to Gin Rummy and it involves buys and contracts that change with each hand that is dealt. This game of Shanghai Rummy uses 2 standard decks and 4 jokers.

Shanghai Rummy Basics: Learn How This Game Works

Each game of Shanghai Rummy consists of 10 hands and at the beginning of each hand players receive 11 cards. Players can meld, lay off or discard in any way they wish as long once they have fulfilled that hand’s contract. As you can see, this is not all that different from classic rummy card play.

What Is A Shaghai Rummy Contract?

Although a Shanghai Contract could mean many different things – in rummy this concept is relatively simple. The hand’s contract in Shanghai Rummy is based on groups of like cards or same suit sequences. The number of cards required for each group is three and the number of cards required in a sequence is dictated by the hand’s contract.

How Do Melds Work In Shanghai Rummy Games?

A player can also buy by retrieving a discard out of turn but he cannot play the card until it is his turn. Each player can only meld the specific cards that completely fulfill that hand’s contract and once this has been done they can lay offer their own melds. Aces can only be played in groups or in a high sequence.

Strategy For Shanghai Rummy Takes Patient Learning

Like any rummy game skill is required and there are lots of great strategy cards available for Shanghai Rummy online. If you are going to play this online rummy game it is advisable to learn as much as you can before you play for real money. There is a learning curve to this game.

Learn How To Play Shanghai Rummy At This Site

You can play Shanghai Rummy online at which is a great resource for online rummy games. You can play free shanghai rummy games here and build up your skills before moving on to an online casino that offers shanghai rummy games for real cash prizes. offer players plenty of opportunities to explore a variety of different rummy games including Shanghai Rummy. We’re sure you will find one variant of this very popular game you love.

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