Championship Parlor Games for Windows 7.40

Championship Parlor Games for Windows 7.40

In our last post we introduced you to Championship Rummy All-Stars for Windows 7.40. This week we want to share another DreamQuest rummy gaming software title with you. Read on to learn more about Championship Parlor Games for Windows 7.40 which you can download and play on your computer to help improve your rummy game playing skill set.

Published By DreamQuest Software $39.99

Championship Parlor Games for Windows 7.40 can be purchased with a shareware license for $39.99. While this may seem like a high ticket price when you can play free online rummy games, nearly 1200 people have downloaded this title from the Free Download Center. This title is put out by DreamQuest Software and is a 9048K file. It was added in to the database on December 11, 2010 and hasn’t yet been rated by users on the site. The additional cost for this title is based on that fact that not just rummy games are included as was the case with Championship Rummy All-Stars for Windows 7.40. Instead, Champtionship Parlor Games for Windows 7.40 has additional gaming titles.

What Games Can I Play With This Title?

There are the same 24 All-star characters as you will find in the Rummy All-Stars for Windows 7.40 gaming title, however this one has additional parlor games like Cutthroat, Suicide and Championship Cribbage. You also get the same sweet five level game play that allows you to improve your skills and tweak your strategy so you can have the confidence to play rummy online at sites like Rummy Royal for real cash money and prizes.

Rummy Gaming Options On This Title

With Championship Parlor Games for Windows 7.40 you can play a variety of rummy games. Two of our favorites are classic rummy and Gin rummy. The game play is very challenging as you work your way through all five levels and we totally love the stunning graphics. As you may remember from last week’s post, the DreamQuest software in the Championship Rummy Games for Windows 7.40 title offered customizable card decks, card faces and backgrounds. The same is true with this extended parlor games title.

100% Money Back Guarantee Offer

Another thing we appreciate with this DreamQuest title is the 100% money back guarantee. Of course, we didn’t want to return this title and you probably won’t either. It’s worth the price for the entertainment.

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