Championship Rummy All-Stars for Windows 7.40

Championship Rummy All-Stars for Windows 7.40

Our next several posts will be discussing rummy game downloads that you can use to help improve your online casino rummy gaming sessions. These games are useful to players to download and can help you improve your rummy playing strategy for free. That way when you decide to play at online casino rummy venues such as Rummy Royal for real cash money you have a lot of experience at no risk to your bankroll.

Published By DreamQuest Software $19.99

Championship Rummy All-Stars for Windows 7.40 can be purchased through the Free Downloads Center site for a $19.99 Shareware license. This title is put out by DreamQuest Software and is a 6714K file. It was added in to the database on December 11, 2010 and hasn’t yet been rated by users on the site. More than 2,000 people have download this game for entertainment purposes. However, we have found a lot of positive aspects to this shareware rummy game.

Five Levels Of Difficulty To Improve Skill

Championship Rummy All-Stars for Windows 7.40 has five exciting levels of difficulty. You can set it to the level you desire, and move up as your strategy improves. We like the reastic players you can choose to play against. It really gives a real game feel. For those who have never played rummy before or want a refresher on the rules there is a very handy tool included with this DreamQuest software program.

DreamCoach™ Helps You Learn How And Why

The innovative technology of the interactive DreamCoach ™ which is included with your Championship Rummy All-Stars for Windows 7.40 download is a very functional help tool. If you have any questions or just want to learn, you can use DreamCoach™ to assit you in learning how to play, and this is what we really like – why you are playing in that manner. The DreamCoach™ aspect of this download is like having a personal rummy mentor at your side.

Plenty Of Variety In One Sweet Download

You are getting quite a bit in this rummy gaming software. There are two dozen challenging All-Star opponents you can play against and five increasing skill levels. There are also more than a dozen different rummy game variations to learn and play like Michigan Rummy and Kalooki.. You can also customize the stellar graphics in this program with customizable card decks, card faces and backgrounds.

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