Gin Rummy by Meggie Soft Games

Gin Rummy by Meggie Soft Games

In our last two posts we talked about two DreamQuest rummy gaming downloads that were released in 2010. This title goes back a bit further to November 2007, but is definitely worth you attention if you are looking for a PC compatible shareware title that can help you learn more about playing rummy games online, or improving your game strategy. This title is one that we recommend trying out before you wager on real cash money rummy games at popular sites like Rummy Royal

Published By Meggie Soft Games

Meggie Soft Games publishes this Gin Rummy title and allows you to play against online opponents via your computer. We absolutely love how sweet the player interface is and the many customizable options that Meggie Soft has incorporated into this Gin Rummy PC game. You can change a variety of game play aspects to create a really cool atmosphere. Players will enjoy customizing the graphics, MIDI music and speech output as well as the rule and scoring options to create the perfect Gin rummy game on your computer.

Are There Gin Rummy Game Variations?

Gin Rummy by Meggie Soft Games does have Gin Rummy variations. Two of the most popular are Hollywood Gin Rummy and Oklahoma Gin Rummy. There are also six increasingly difficult levels of game play to help you improve your rummy strategy and learn how to better play. In addition to playing against online players you can also practice privately playing against virtual opponents.

What Are Customizable Scoring Options?

The rule scoring options affect game play be changing when you can go out, or knock, and how many points you are awarded when you do. Variations that are supported in this Meggie Soft Games title include Gin Offs, Undercuts, and Double Gins. In addition, the user interface is customizable to so that you can use drag-and-drop or point-and-click mouse operations. This can be really handy when you are working on a laptop to learn better rummy playing strategy.

More Great Features Of Meggie Soft Games Gin Rummy

This shareware title runs $24.00 and is a 2089K file download. More than 5,500 players have download this title which has automatic save and restore functions for partially complete game play. It also has mulkti-user scoreboard features, status bar short cut options, and great tutorials as well as customizable font, wallpaper, card backs and more.

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