Why We Like Rummy Royal

Why We Like Rummy Royal

In our earlier posts this month we shared three rummy gaming titles with you that you can download and play on your PC. There was one from Meggie Soft Games, and two rummy game play titles from DreamQuest Software. Whichever one you chose should give you a good foundation of how graphic representations of the rummy card game are played out in an online environment. So, now we suggest you head on over to Rummy Royal and play for real cash money rummy games. Here’s a few of the many reasons that we really love the Rummy Royal site for playing casino games for real cash money.

No Deposit Welcome Bonus Action

Rummy Royal is really good about having no deposit bonus free casino money offers for new players. We’ve been there a while so are no longer eligible for the free casino money welcome bonus, but have seen it range from anywhere of 5 credits of your currency to 10 over time. This is as small bonus, but we like it because Rummy Royal allows players to use this bonus to familiarize themselves with the rummy games on the website without risk of loss of their own money. Of course, we do recommend that you become a depositing member on the Rummy Royal site. Of course, you don’t have to deposit to play their free rummy games.

New Depositors Tournament Action

One thing that is really awesome for new players to the Rummy Royal site is the New Depositors Tournament. These are played on the site daily and are beginner freeroll games. These games are only open to new players on the site. To locate this new depositors tournament action when you visit the Rummy Royal site you can click on the “Multi Table Tourneys” tab. There are also additional games for beginners only located under the “Quick Tourneys” and “Rounds Tourneys” tabs that happen around the clock each and every day of the week.

You Get A Good Game

Our ultimate reason for liking Rummy Royal is that no matter what time you choose to login you can get a great game of rummy. This site has never been down in our time of playing it and we keep odd schedules. 24/7 you can play rummy for free or for real cash money and Rummy Royal has many special promotions and bonuses available.

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