BlackBerry App World Rummy Games

BlackBerry App World Rummy Games

If you have a BlackBerry smart phone and you love playing rummy games you will want to check out this fun rummy game offering from the BlackBerry App World store online. Rummy Version 1.0 from Intent Software GmbH & Co. KG was released on March 27, 2009. While this is a couple of years past, this 104 KB download version of Rummy for BlackBerry is still worth the under $5.00 download from the site even though it has gotten some mixed reviews on the site.

What We Like About This Rummy Game

The file size is relatively small at only 104 KB which means a fast download and not a lot of space taken up with memory. The Rummy Version 1.0 is simplistic with easy to understand controls and a nice design. You can play against three strong AI players when using the Rummy Version 1.0 app from Intent Software GmbH & Co. KG on your BlackBerry enabled device. We also like that the scoring list is easy to understand, and game play is smooth with no stalls and hangups like you can get with some of the older gaming apps designed for BlackBerry mobile devices.

Crisp Graphics Even If They Are Simple

This card game’s digital graphics are kind of basic, but they are clean and easy to view on the smaller screens. There aren’t a lot of bangs and whistles with this Rummy Version 1.0 app from Intent Software GmbH & Co. KG, and that is likely why the BlackBerry App World reviews were somewhat unfavorable. However, we enjoy simple pleasures every now and then and for us, this under $5 download delivered what we paid for.

Easy Access To Support Online

Although we didn’t run into any issues where we needed to request support, you can easily contact support 24/7 if you do. The readily available Intent Software website and support email are posted for all to see when you download. We found that they respond quickly (yeah, we did test them) and are very willing to help or just answer some basic questions about the app. Overall, we give this app a thumbs up and it is a great primer to learning to play rummy games online for cash on your phone.

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