Download Gerard Brochu’s Romi Rummy

Download Gerard Brochu’s Romi Rummy

We’ve been getting requests for game titles which are Mac friendly and can help our readers to learn more about playing rummy for free before you log on to sites like Rummy Royal where you can play rummy games for real cash money. We understand that you may want to bump up your strategy a bit before you get in on cash games, so we thought we’d share an innovative title from Gerard Brochu. It’s called Romi Version 9.2.

How To Play Romi Version 9.2

Gerard Brochu recently revamped this title in the Cocoa language, so you get a rich gaming experience. Essentially you have a 2 decks of 52 cards plus 4 wild cards. Using these cards you have to create rummy sets. A set can be managed two different ways. A set can consist of the same number value but with any suit being represented in the set, or a set can be consecutive number value cards all in the same suit. To form a set you must compile groups of three cards or more which meet this criteria.

Romi Version 9.2 Isn’t Just Basic Rummy

One reason we decided to share this gaming title with you is that it is more a suite of games than just one basic rummy game. In fact, Romi has multiple gaming options included in the under $10 download from Mac Update. When you download Romi Version 9.2 from Gerard Brochu, you will be getting Rummy Tile, Rummy Cube, Rummykub and Rami games which you can explore and play to help improve your understanding of the different nuances of rummy games and their derivatives. This can only help your real cash money game play in the long run.

What We Love About This Game

Aside from the sweet graphics, and even sweeter price tag of the download, we also love that it is localized in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portugese, Swedish and Norwegian. We really appreciate this thoughtful programming on Brochu’s part for global players. We also love the function that saves scores automatically. This means that if you have to stop game play unexpectedly then Romi will save your scores. The next time you start up the game, the scores are restored to the time when you ended your last gaming session for seamless play. It’s well worth the under $10 download tag from Mac Update.

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