Alberosa Software Italian Rummy For Windows

Alberosa Software Italian Rummy For Windows

If you have a windows operating system you may want to check into Alberosa Software downloads for rummy. They have a cool gaming version that we have found useful in upping our games: Rummy Version 02.02.01 where you can Play Rummy Against The Computer. You can see full details about this game with some nice graphic explanations and examples of game play on the Alberosa website.

Rummy Version 02.02.01

This game is played using two decks of French playing cards including the jokers. This gives you a total of 108 cards. Cards are dealt to players randomly one by one to begin the game play. Any cards remaining after the deal are placed in the Stock Pile and the top card will be turned up at the side of the Stock Pile to make the Discard Pile.

This Game Is Fun Classic Rummy

This is classic rummy, and the rules of the game will be very familiar to players who regularly play the game. You can make melds of cards with the same value such as three of a kind, or four of a kind. You can also make sequences of cards of the same value, use flushes (without a joker) and call rummy (without a joker). Jokers typically take the place of any card in a meld, but you can only have one joker card per meld. A round ends in this Rummy Version 02.02.01 when a player puts down all their cards as melds or knocks.

Play Rummy Against The Computer

You can play with or or two decks of cards, with or without the joker in this version of the game. You can play anywhere from 7 to 13 cards per player at the deal. The game also has the option of play with or without special effects such as music, sound, noise, and other fun computer bangs and whistles. You can also adjust the visual playing field by changing items such as the background of the playing table, the style of the cards, and the speed the cards are played by the computer. A great feature of Rummy Version 02.02.01 is that the computer automatically saves your game even if you have to stop mid-game, so you can resume at a convenient time later without losing your existing scores and player data. If you think this game might work for you, complete details on pricing and downloads are available from Alberosa.

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