What’s New For Rummy At Ace 2 Three In 2012?

What’s New For Rummy At Ace 2 Three In 2012?

With three different ways to play online rummy at Ace 2 Three players get to choose exactly how they want to participate. For example you can join the site and play as a depositing player where you will purchase chips and use these to buy in to real cash games.

Premium Freerolls And Bonuses For Real Cash Players

Players who have deposited real cash can also play in the Premium Freerolls which are only open to depositing players. If you don’t want to spend any money but you still want the chance of winning cash register for the Regular Freerolls which are free to enter.

Get In On Freerolle Games For All Players With Free Chips

The Regualr Freeroll games are held twice each day – at 1.00pm and 7.00pm and for each game there is a maximum of 500 players, so make sure you register in time to play. Premium Freerolls are held at 12.00 pm and 6.00 pm and there is a maximum number of 1000 players for these games. Anyone who joins the site will automatically be a Regular player, when you start to buy chips with real cash you will be a Premium player and have access to premium games with much higher prizes. In addition to this you will also get 5000 free chips as a welcome for creating an account on the site.

Play Three Multi Table Tournament Styles Online Now

There are also three different types of multi table tournaments players can enter based on how they want to play. If you want to start off the game with the same number of chips as all other players go for the Strike games. To join a game with a limited number of players where the stakes can go really high the Elite games are for you. To play with massive numbers of other players on many other tables for varying prizes look out for Jumbo games.

Register Early As Spots Go Quick In These Games

As with all card tournaments you will need to register early for many of these games as places can get taken up very quickly on the more popular games. Start off by using your 5000 free chips at Ace 2 Three and you will quickly understand how the site works and how you can get more from online rummy.

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