Various Types Of Basic Rummy Games

Various Types Of Basic Rummy Games

Among basic rummy there are a variety of game variations available and the games may have slightly different rules depending on the location in which you live. While you will not find all of these basic rummy games online today, it is the hope of rummy players around the world that the online gambling community will embrace more different styles of basic rummy games as time goes on. Online rummy gaming is still a relatively new concept, particularly where there is rummy game play for real cash money. However, just as bingo took the internet by storm it is likely one day rummy games will catch on just as strongly. As such, it is important for the person who loves classic rummy to familiarize themselves with some other game titles as well. This way, when rummy becomes more popular among internet gambling casinos online you can dive head first into the new rummy casino game offerings.

Basic Rummy Game Variants Around The Globe

In these classic rummy games from different locations around the world, the aim is essentially the same. The goal of the player is to form the entire hand into sets as quickly as possible. With such a simple drive to game play you wouldn’t think there would be so many names for basic rummy. However, if you read on you will learn that there are nearly a dozen variations of the basic rummy game, and you can find instruction on how to play each at a variety of websites around the web. However, we will be dedicating our next set of posts to sharing these games with you.

Eleven Names For Basic Rummy Games Around The World

Of course, the first name you will recognize – Rummy. It is common in both Europe and North America. However, North America also has variations of rummy games called Three Thirteen and Kaluki – which is also popular in European countries. Nepal has a rummy variation called Marriage, while Sri Lanka calls their basic rummy game Proter. Argentina has the popular rummy game Loba de Menos, and in Zimbabwe the game variant is called Umtali. You can play Seven Bridge in Japan, and America has it’s own registered trademark game called Rummikub®. India has Indian Rummy. It really doesn’t matter where in the world you live – there is some variation of rummy being played. This game is popular the world over.

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