How To Play Kaluki Rummy Games

How To Play Kaluki Rummy Games

Kaluki, also sometimes spelled Kalookie is a popular rummy game variant in Britain and it is spreading around the globe. Rules of Kaluki referenced in this blog come predominantly from the Victoria Sporting Club Kaluki Rules as well as some additional internet resources. There are slight variations you will encounter, but when you find online rummy Kalookie gaming sites they typically have their own specific set of rules and guidelines you should look over even if you are old hat at playing this popular British Rummy game variation.

The Deal In Kaluki Rummy

In this rummy game variant, layers use two standard decks of cards along with two jokers. The total number of cards used to play Kaluki rummy is 106 cards in the deck.
The deal depends on the number of players sitting the table game. Five players are most typical, and in this case the seat to the right to deal and determined through a shuffling of five cards. An Ace, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Each player is dealt one card and they sit clockwise to the right of the dealer (the one who has been dealt the Ace gets this distinction). For less than five players, you just adjust downon the number of cards dealt, for example with two players, you would just do an Ace and a 2. Ace is still dealer. In Kaluki Rummy each player gets dealt 13 cards, one card is placed face up as the discard pile and the remaining cards get placed face down to form the stock pile.

The Object Of Kalooki Rummy

In Kalookie, players can be anything from two to five. As with basic rummy you want to meld your cards and go out of cards in your hand. Cards are given point values, with Aces being worth 11 points. Face Cards have a value of 10 points, the 2 through 9 cards have their face value, and a Joker is worth 15 points, however, this is usually the penalty value if you still hold it in your hand when another player goes out. If you use a Joker in game play it instead takes on the value of the card it has replaced.

Game Play In Kaluki Rummy

Game play in Kalookie Rummy is essentially the same. You go in a clockwise direction for play, draw, discard and meld until someone is out of cards.

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