How To Play Loba de Menos Rummy Games

How To Play Loba de Menos Rummy Games

Lobo de Menos is a popular rummy game the world over, but particularly in Latin American speaking locations. The game is played with two to five players like Kaluki and many other rummy game variations.

The Deal In Loba de Menos Rummy Games

In order to determine who at the table will deal, each player is dealt a random card. The highest card (with Aces taking the win) is the dealer. The next highest value card holder sits to the right of the dealer, and so on until all spots at the table are filled. In the event of two players holding a similar value card, a second card is dealt to each player to break the tie, and the winner takes the spot at the table. After the first deal, the deal always passes to the left throughout the remainder of game play in Loba de Menos rummy. Even though the dealer passes to the left, the actual deal always proceeds in a clockwise manner with each player at the Loba de Menos rummy table being dealt nine cards. This is a different number than many rummy games which use 13 cards in a deal. Two full decks and two jokers are still used for a total of 106 cards, and after the deal has been passed out, the next card is face up for the discard pile with the remainder of the cards being laid as the stock pile.

The Object Of Loba de Menos Rummy Games

Loba de Menos is often played for money, rather than just for fun entertainment. If money is on the table, each player will contribute an equal stake to the pot at the outset of the game. The stake is determined before game play and before and dealing takes place. In money game play, the person who goes out first and has no remaining cards in their hands will take the pot. The objective of the game does not change just because money will exchange hands – you still want to relieve your hands of cards.

Game Play In Loba de Menos Rummy Games

Piernas, as three cards of the same rank from different suits and one meld that can be laid in Loba de Menos. Another meld is called Escaleras. Escaleras consist of three or more cards in the same suit laid down in sequential order.

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