How To Play Marriage Rummy Games

How To Play Marriage Rummy Games

Marriage is a Rummy game that uses three decks of cards in order to play the game. The game fist gained popularity in the Kathmandu Valley area of Nepal, and is a well played game in the Bhutan region as well. Marriage actually is played at multiple Hindu festivals including Dashain and Tihar as well as additional festivals and events. Although it does not have a specific Hindi origin the game does get played by members of the religion due to the proximity of the origin of the game. However, players around the world have played Marriage for many, many years now.

The Deal In Marriage Rummy Games

Both the deal and game play occur in a clockwise manner at the table. In Marriage, one distinction of melds and runs is that they can only use three cards. Other rummy game variants allow you multiple cards in a meld, but in the Marriage game variant you can only use three cards in any set you lay down.

The Object Of Marriage Rummy Games

You must lay down sets of three identical cards. A tunella is three identical cards such as three fours of hearts. You can set down a pure sequence which has three consecutive cards in a row, such as a four, five and six of spades. However, the game of Marriage also allows you to set down a dirty sequence (two cards of the same suit with the chosen joken representing the third card) during your hand. A triplet is three cards that share the same rank, but that are of all different suits. For example, you can set down a triplet that consists of all three Jacks from diamond, heart and club suits.

Game Play In Marriage Rummy Games

Marriage is a rummy game variant that can have anywhere from two to five people playing at any time. A total of 156 cards are used which is three standard 52 card decks. No printed jokers are used when you play the game of Marriage Rummy. Instead, wild cards are chosen with each deal and become the “jokers” in the game. This is different than many other Rummy game variations which do use the actual printed jokers. Special terms such as tiplu, poplu and mal speak to the origin of this game in the Nepal and Bhutan regions of the world. A tiplu is the Jack, a poplu is the Queen and the jhiplu is the 10 card.

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