How To Play Proter Rummy Games

How To Play Proter Rummy Games

Proter is a popular Rummy game played in the Sri Lanka region of the world predominantly. The name Proter comes from the wild card or chosen joker. Each hand and round in rummy is said to have a Proter starting with the Ace on the first deal, and continuing with the one, two and so on throughout game play and deals.

The Deal In Proter Rummy Games

Proter is a Rummy game which is limited by 13 deals during a gaming session. For each of the 13 deals in a Proter Rummy gaming sessions there is a different wild card. It starts with the Ace and continues with a two for the second hand, a three for the third hand and so on until a total of 13 hands have been dealt at which point the game terminates in Proter Rummy. The deal in Proter rummy games goes to the left with each player receiving six cards face down. The rest of the deck is left face down in the center of the table. The first player is to the right of the dealer

The Object Of Proter Rummy Games

There are several rounds in each hand of rummy, with the aim of a round to get rid of your cards. For each round of the deal, the game actions are the shuffle, the deal, the game play, and the marking of points for the round. Like all rummy games you want to empty your hand of cards ASAP in Proter. This is because Proter has a lot of penalties. If your hand contains a proter at the end of a round you will be penalized, and you will also be penalized when counting if your hand did not produce at least one set. There is also a Proter penality if you touched the face up or face down piles out of your turn or if you made an improper substitution using a Proter during game play as a wild card.

Game Play In Proter Rummy Games

Sets are laid down in Proter just as in other Rummy games. In Proter a set can have a minimum of three cards, and a maximum of thirteen cards which is rare. The Proter can be substituted for any card in a set when you lay down. Game play takes place to the right of the dealer, even though the deal goes counter clockwise.

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