Three Tips For Playing Three Card Rummy

Three Tips For Playing Three Card Rummy

Tip #1 Make Use Of Your Bonus Bet Wager

Use the bonus bet which you should make before your are dealt your cards for each game. If you have a hand that is worth more than 13 points you will instantly lose this bet. However if your hand is less than this you will win before you have even placed your bet. While this bonus bet carries quite a high chance of being lost you will be able to keep more money in your bankroll if you choose to make use of it. This is a tip that a lot of players will follow if they are looking for a safer way to play three card rummy online.

Tip #2 Know When To Hold And Fold

If you have 20 points or less in your hand you should raise as the qualifying points for the dealer are 20. If you have 21 or more points in your hand it is a good idea to fold. Use this tip when you are playing and you will be able to see how it works in action. It can take some time to get this right you will find that you will start to see results over time when following this technique, so don’t be disappointed if you can’t see it working to start with.

Tip #3 Play For Free, Then Try Your Hand At Cash Play

Always get used to playing online for free before you even think about playing for real cash online. It is far too easy to be swept up in a game and keep on raising the ante when you are playing online and you don’t have the cold, hard cash in front of you. By playing for free as much as you can you will be able to hone your game and gain a much better understanding of how you can get more from your wagers. Playing for free is easy on many sites as most will give you the option of playing for real cash or for free at any time.

Where To Play Three Card Rummy Games Online

For three card rummy and more card games Slots Plus Casino is a good choice. You can also indulge in this card game at Las Vegas USA which has games running throughout the day and night. Play rummy games today.

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