Tips For Playing Rummy: Burraco

Tips For Playing Rummy: Burraco

Burraco is a rummy style game that evolved around the mid 1940s in Uruguay. The game of Burraco is played with two card decks and four wild cards. Burraco Rummy is designed to be played with either two or four players sitting the table, although there are game variants of this card rummy game where three players can sit the table. Game play can be done person to person or through team rummy game play. As with any other rummy card game you will encounter, the main focus of the game is to rid your hand of cards.

Tip#1: Focus On Getting Points

It is important to get as many points as possible in this fast play rummy card variant. When playing Burraco you want to accumulate as many points as you can early on. You can build melds with discarded and pot cards.

Tip#2: Choose A Quality Team Partner

If you decide to forgo solo play and play Burraco with a partner as part of a team, you want to make sure that you have the same gaming ethics and goals. So, be careful in the selection of your team mate and partner. If you understand what your partners is trying to accomplish you can be much more effective at reaching game play goals and succeeding at the win of the Burraco game, rather than playing at odds with each other.

Tip#3: Pay Close Attention To The Discard Pile

If you want to win at Burraco, a key strategy of this rummy card game variant is to use the discard pile wisely. By paying attention to the cards you can potentially pick up from the discard pile during your hand you can calculate which will help you to form or add to a meld, and which cards the other players may still have in play.

Tip#4: Wait Until Your Opponent Lays Their First Meld

You may be hesitant to follow this tip. However, waiting to lay your meld until after your opponent has laid their meld gives you insight into their strategy. Then quickly get working on your own meld to rack up points. It may be hard with a fast paced rummy game variant such as Burraco to wait, but it will be worth your while. When you know where your opponent stands, you can better tweak your strategy to help block their moves.

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