What Are Asian Rummy Games?

What Are Asian Rummy Games?

Asian rummy games involve the act of drawing cards as well as discarding cards and in creating melds and sets to get rid of cards in the players’ hands. Asian rummy games involve the use of dominoes, tiles, money cards, and colored cards. In some of the Asian gaming varieties, some sets can be considered more valuable than other sets, and this can influence the points the winning player gets when he or she “goes out” or is out of cards.

Si Se Pai is a form of Asian rummy that is played with the use of chess cards. The name Si Se Pai literally means “four color cards.” The cards are made up of equal amounts of red, yellow, white, and green cards and the cards have seven different images of chess pieces. Every card has four identical copies and sometimes the game is played with jokers. This game is relatively similar to MahJong.

Quan Dui is a rummy game with Asian origins that is played with money cards. Quan Dui translates as “complete pairs.” As many as six players can enjoy this game and the goal of the player to accumulate sixteen cards made up of eight sets or pairs. A Turkish variant of rummy is identified as Okey, and like Rummikub®, the game is played with tiles hosting numbers on them.

Mah Jong is another tiled version of Rummy with Asian origins. This game is sometimes called Mâ Jan Bridge or Seven Rummy. This game involves the use of 144 cards containing three suits with tiles that have numbers one through nine. The name of card suits include characters, bamboos, and circles. There are white, green, and red dragons, and tiles for the four cardinal directions, north, east, south, and west.

Kap Tai Shap is a type of rummy that is actually played using Chinese dominoes. This game is believed to be much like Mahjong, where players must created a winning hand containing a single pair of tiles and other combos like pairs equaling the number ten or twenty.

Cuajo is a form of rummy that is played through the use of Spanish cards. Is a game that originated from the Philippines. The cards used have a Spanish style, but the game is still Asian in its origin. You can play free rummy games at sites like Mahjong Games, Games.com, and FreeRummyGames.com.

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