What Are Basic Rummy Games

What Are Basic Rummy Games

Basic rummy games have been traced back to China, and today this game is played all over the world, even if the name of the game is a bit different than original name of rummy. It wasn’t until the 20th century that the popularity of basic rummy began to spread worldwide. The term basic rummy games is an umbrella term which actually covers as many as eleven different rummy games in all. Basic rummy is a game of drawing and discarding cards.

What Is The Game Goal?

The goal behind any basic rummy game is to form the best possible rummy hand by creating matching card sets consisting of a sequence of cards in a particular suit or a grouping of cards of an identical rank. Each player draws one or several cards from a stock pile of cards or they can draw cards from the discard card pile which are in a face up position. Players can also create sets or melds – the sets are put down on the playing table for all players to see.

How Is The Game Won?

In basic rummy games, players attempt to make as many sets as possible in order to get rid of all the cards in their hand. How the game is won and the different point systems may vary slightly from one rummy game to another, but in all games the winner is the player who goes out, and losers are penalized through the points accumulation system.

Versions Of Basic Rummy Games

Basic rummy games include rummy, Rummikub® which is a tiled version of the game, and in Zimbabwe the game is called Umtail. In Japan players enjoy Seven Bridge, and in Argentina, the game is identified as Loba de Menos. In Nepal, basic rummy is called Marriage; in Sri Lanka, the game is called Proter, and in southern India, the rummy game is called Wipe or Vazhushal. There is also Indian Rummy, Northern American Three Thirteen, and European/North American Kaluki. Some rummy games vary in the number of players allowed to participate and the number of card decks used in the game. There may be a limited number of rounds in some rummy games and the element of random chance varies from game to game. If you want to try some basic rummy games you can play free games at Freerummygames.com, Freegamesrummy.com, and Fupa.com.

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