Learn These Tips For Playing Okey Rummy Games

Learn These Tips For Playing Okey Rummy Games

Rummy players seeking a Rummy variant with a little bit of a change from the traditional Rummy game can enjoy Okey, another version of classic Rummy. Okey is a Turkish variation on the beloved game of Rummy and the game is played with four players as well as 106 tiles.

Learn What A False Joker Is And Why It Matters

This game also includes the usage of “false joker,” which have an important role in the game. Getting familiar with the game rules is one of the best tips on playing Okey Rummy you’ll ever receive – the better you know the ins and outs of the game, the smoother your maneuvers will be.

Learn About Pairs And How To Eliminate Cards Quickly

In order to become a winner of Okey you will have to get seven pairs of identical color and value; these pairs will need to be used to create fourteen different melds. Your objective as a player is to eliminate the cards you have in your hand as fast as possible and to be the first player to do so; the cards in your opponent’s hands are then added up for penalty points.

Learn About Basic Game Play And How You Win Rounds

Every player is given fourteen tiles to start. A die is used to determine who the first player is and the game will continue in a counterclockwise direction. The next card in the stockpile is picked out: the card, plus one is the joker for the game. So, if you draw an eight of any suit the joker for the game is a nine of the same color. When a player gets seven pairs and wins the round, all players lose four points. When a player has no special stipulations for winning than every opponent loses two points.

Play To Learn More And Improve Your Strategy

Getting use to the rules of Okey can take a little bit of time, but you can get the hang of it by making use of free gaming options online. The more you play the more you become skilled at playing. Using free gaming opportunities or making use of sites offering free play offers gives you time to memorize the complex rules of Okey. You can bet with greater confidence is you are comfortable with the various rules of the game.

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