Seven Bridge Rummy Games

Seven Bridge Rummy Games

Seven Bridge Rummy games are often played in Japan. The seven bridge which consists of the sevens, each have a specific role in the game. The game is also referred to as Seven Rummy. However, you expect to find a different name of the game in Japan, it is all referring to the same game. The game can be played by a minimum of two players and a maximum of five players in every single game. The cards are the same for all the rummy games. Two decks are used for the two to five players. Each deck has fifty two cards hence totaling to one hundred and six cards.

The making of the deal and playing are done in a clockwise direction by drawing the cards from the top and revealing them to the rest of the players in the game. The objective of this game is to create melds. The melds are same for all rummy games. The only difference from other melds for the other rummy games is that the sets of the cards may be different and the sequence of the cards may differ in a suit too. However, the sevens in this game are the special cards which create melds on their own.

In making a deal, any player can make the deal passing the same to the left in the clockwise direction. The players each deal seven cards where immediately the deal ends then the following card is turned and put on the table. This goes on to the discard pile until a stock is created. Drawing the cards is the same for all the rummy games. It starts from the top card from the stock.

Melding and laying off the cards remain the same here. In melding, you have to draw the cards from the significant melds that you may be having. The cards have to appear facing up. In laying off, you will add the cards to your already created melds. However, it is expected that you discard a part of your cards when your turn ends. This is always necessary for all the ending turns. Scoring in this game depends on the value for the cards which increase as the rest of the players leave the game. Depending on the points on each card, the value is expected to be higher for the cards with the most points.

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