Three Thirteen Rummy Games

Three Thirteen Rummy Games

Three thirteen rummy game is the most played game. The game can be played by a minimum of two players. The cards are the same, just like the cards that are used in other rummy games. If they are two players in a game for instance, there will be fifty two deck of the cards and two decks for more than two players. The number of cards that each player will have does not matter; you only need to have enough cards on your hand.

However, the deal in the game is quite different from other games. Three thirteen has seven rounds. Therefore the first dealer in the game is selected randomly from the team and expected to discard the cards on the table. In order to start the discarding pile, the cards are laid on the table facing up.

The objective of the game is actually to transform the cards that the players are having on the hand to combination. For example, you can combine three or more cards at a row forming what is called a valid combination. Wild cards exist in this game where the cards that a player may be having equals the number of the cards that have been already dealt with. However, it is your own option to set the wild cards in the game. You can choose to make a set that will be having only wild cards in a single round.

Playing three thirteen is never different from other rummy games. You only need to draw the card to the table and the movement goes clockwise across all the players. You have to put one card facing up in order to have the discard pile be taken by the players. In order to win in his game, you got to have as many cards as possible arranged on your hand such that you form sets and runs. Any card that may be on your hand that do not match up in the sets is considered as a penalty point.

Note that it is against the game’s rules to dispose the cards by just adding them to the sets of the other players. You are suppose to have your own combinations and therefore if a card misses from your combination then it is considered as a penalty card altogether. Three thirteen games are available to play online at the site RummyRoyal.

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