Toonerville Rook Rummy Games

Toonerville Rook Rummy Games

Toonerville Rook Rummy game is another version of the contract rummy games. The game, however, has some features that make it different from other rummy games in the line. For instance, the game is played using several decks and rook cards; this is something that is not present in the other rummy games as well. Read on to learn more.

Just like all other rummy games, Toonerville has the objective of having the least score at the end of the game. This is very simple for a player to achieve. You only need to discard your cards in such a way that you have the least points in your direction as possible. This guarantees you a very low score at the end of the game. This always happens when one player wins one round let’s say.

Toonerville is played by a minimum of three players and a maximum of five players. However, this is not a restriction; you can still have more than five players as long as you all fir in the discarding table. You can choose to be stylish in your game where you change your seating position after every round but keeping the record of every score of the players in the game. The shuffling of the cards is the same in all rummy games. It is always done by the dealer before discarding the cards for the rest of the players.

Drawing cards from the discard pile is the same in Toonerville. Each player is entitled to draw at least one card before a single round ends. Drawing allows other players to pick the cards from the discard pile. Alternatively, players can buy a card if they feel that they do not want to pick the card at the top of the file. In playing a round in this game is very precise. You ought to have a specific number of the sets at any point of the rounds that you may be having. You need to be very brave in playing in another player’s field as a way of attracting extra cards.

A round is said to be over when the last card is discarded by the player from the discard pile. In order to score, you need to keep an eye on the number of points that each card have. For instance, Rook cards have twenty five points each.

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