Wipe Rummy Games

Wipe Rummy Games

Wipe rummy games are played mostly in the southern India. This is the place where the name Chennai originated which was later translated to wipe rummy game. The difference between the Indian Rummy games and the Wipe Rummy Games is that in this game, there is the chance to take more cards from the discard pile created. This is not allowed in the Indian Rummy Games. The game can be played by a minimum of two players and a maximum of six players in one game. For the two players in a game, only two decks of the cards are used.

In order to make a deal in playing the cards, the dealer will have to shuffle the cards at a set of thirteen, the shuffling goes clockwise across all the players in the game. The cards used in this game are the same as for the other rummy games played all over the world. The only difference is the rules of the game which of course differ from one game to the other. If you are suing more than two decks depending on the number of players, you have to check to ensure that the identical cards are taken back and shuffled.

In the stock pile created, the player will reveal the cards by laying the cards facing up. This way, the value of the card is able to be seen to all the players. Wild cards appear in the incidence where the cards are of the same rank and are having the opposite colors. The objective of this game, however, is to have the cards from the various combinations that are available in the game. The wild cards in the game help in the case where there is the need to do some substitution on the cards that are making up the sets or sequence.

In playing the wipe rummy game, you draw the card from the left and that goes on in the clockwise direction. You are able to draw the cards from the top while the face of the card facing down. Meld creation is always the same for all the rummy games. The rule of this game is that the joker version is only for the two people who are suing the two decks in the game. If you opt to add more jokers then you will make the game very short.

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