Marriage Rummy Games

Marriage Rummy Games

Marriage rummy is a game which is popularly known as a three-pack game also known as Nepal. The game is mostly played in Kathmandu valley and the Bhutan. This is the game that is played mostly by the Hindu community and is always played during the various Hindu festivals and celebrations. The celebrations are undergone on annual basis so is the game played. The main difference between the marriage rummy games and other rummy games is that this game is played by a particular group of people at a certain period of the year.

The cards are the same for all the rummy games. The number for players in this game range from two to five players in a single game. For the three packs of the game, there are fifty two cards in each pack therefore making a total of one hundred and fifty six cards. Note that there are no jokers that are printed like in other rummy games. What happens is that the wild cards that are always created as the game rolls on are referred to as jokers. However, the dealers and the playing go in a clockwise direction.

The sole objective of this game is to have a set of cards that look alike in the sequence. In this game however, the combinations only have three cards. There are some terminologies such as tiplu, poplu, jhiplu, mal, that are used in the game. Tiplu is the card that is chosen randomly from the rest of the cards, poplu is the card that appears right above the tiplu. Jhiplu is the card that appears right below the tiplu. All these cards; tiplu, jhiplu and poplu are collectively referred to as mal. For the cards that appear in the same rank are called the ordinary jokers.

You make the deal when you deal the cards to the other players. However, any player can make a deal when the deal is scored and this goes to the left in a clockwise direction. In order to get the best points in the game, you have to expose the three same cards which have points in them and this marks the end of the game. The rules in this game are not different from the other rummy rules. However, you can play marriage rummy games online at the NepalUpClose site and learn more about the game.

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