Okey Rummy Games

Okey Rummy Games

Okey Rummy game is the game that is played commonly in Turkey. This is where the game is believed to originate since the twentieth century. The game is very unique in the sense that it is played by the use of a set of one hundred and six tiles. However, each face of the tiles is numbered from one to thirteen and the numbers are in different colors. The total numbers of the tiles are eight with the various colors in them. When playing Okey, the backs for the tiles will appear the same since the coloring is done on the upper face of the tiles only.

Just like any other rummy game played in the world, Okey is played by a minimum of four players though the game can still be played by two or three players. Four is the best. This game is played in an anticlockwise direction. This is also different from some games which are played in the clockwise direction.

In playing this game, all the players are expected to have a hand totaling fourteen tiles each. The main objective of this game is to draw and discard the tiles. The goal of every player in this game is to be the first one to form the hand that is having the sets that are equal to the tiles and therefore having the same color. In making a deal, it is the same like the other rummy games. The dealer is always picked in a random, the dealer now plays with the tiles and if he scores than the game is passed to the next player in the right in the anticlockwise directions.

However, in Okey there is no defined rule that overlooks the number of stacks that each player is having at the front. What matters here is whether each played is having a considerable number of tiles, preferably six. The tiles are then thrown consequently till the combination is finished. Of course the discarding is the same for all rummy games and in this one the players will pick the tiles that have been discarded by the previous dealer in the game.

You only need to come up with a winning hand that is in the position to expose the tile and that marks the end of the game. Okey is a game available online to play in the ParaliOkey site.

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